Abrasive Blasting 

Abrasive Blasting is used to remove surface rust & contamination. This process provides a clean surface for the priming & powder coating stage to begin. 

With Primer 3000 Hours.jpg
No Primer 100 Hours.jpg

 *Image 1                                  *Image 2    

abrasive blasting.jpg

Zinc Powder Priming

 70% Zinc Powder Prime provides an excellent protection against rust & corrosion. This ensures your items can withstand years of indoor & outdoor exposure and usage. 

*Image 1: Powder coated steel with zinc primer sprayed for 3000 hours with salt water 

*Image 2: Powder coated still without zinc primer sprayed with salt water for 100 hours 

Powder Coating 

A powder coated finish is a durable & cost effective alternative on your steel & aluminium products, which is available in over 200 colours, shades & textures. 

Steel & aluminium surfaces that have been powder coated are more sustainable and resistant to scratching, chipping, fading & rust and corrosion than any other finish.

29120DDT - 12m Speedtiller (4).JPG

Did you know that Clean Cote Industries is a accredited powder coater with both Dulux & Interpon Powder Coating? 

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